понедељак, 15. септембар 2014.

Running 'Doom' on a Canon printer

I stumbled upon this interesting article about decrypting firmware of Canon Pixma printers.


понедељак, 07. јул 2014.

Joypad Mod / Split Screen for Minecraft 1.7.10

Thank to Minecraft Forums user bjbinc Joypad Mod is updated to 1.7.10. Get it while it's hot! :)

среда, 02. јул 2014.

Pac-Man - level 256

Ever wondered about the infamous level 256 of Pac-Man? Don Hodges has an in-depth explanation of the phenomenon, together with code examples and a patch for fixing it. Read on.

уторак, 24. јун 2014.


I stumbled upon this fantastic article about a guy porting DOOM game to Zylin AS ZPU. ZPU is a fascinating concept - it's an open source, lightweight CPU implemented on top of FPGA. The article itself explains a bit the ZPU architecture, makes some insights into workings of the DOOM engine and discusses performance considerations and limitations with the current port. Nice stuff.

Check the full article.

субота, 03. мај 2014.

New JoypadMod Version 0.1

Thanks to hard work of ahickey and our contributors, the new version of the joypad mod for Minecraft is out, and it is ambiguously versioned as 0.1, because frankly - why not :)

It is not to be confused with the original Forge-less joypad mod v0.1 - which was never released ;-)

This new version contains the following improments over the previous release:

понедељак, 24. март 2014.

Joypad/Split Screen mod for Forge - v0.0952

It's time for new round of improvements for Joypad Mod for Forge. New version 0.0952 contains a lot of improvements that should make using controller much more enjoyable. Here's the full changelog:

  • Map any key to a joypad button - great for mods!
  • Axis calibration menu - no more spinning in circles!
  • New and improved controller button options menu
  • Container scrolling up/down via buttons
  • Improved sensitivity options in menu
  • Allow choosing of any connected controller even if it doesn't meet input requirements
  • All joypad input will go through the keyboard / mouse buffer for full compatibility with mods
  • Lots of minor tweaks for a better in game experience
  • .minecraft\config\JoypadSplitscreenMod.cfg updates:
  • Make logging verbosity an option
  • Share joypad settings across all users (thanks stcrowe!)
As always, you can get the newest version from the mod page.

четвртак, 06. март 2014.

How to Splitscreen Co-op Minecraft JoyPad Mod

Minecraft forum user stcrowe created a video on youtube covering basics of installing Forge and Joypad Mod, as well as some nice tricks like how to play local game with multiple players on the single account.

субота, 01. март 2014.

Joypad Mod with Forge - improvements

New version of the Joypad mod for Forge is out, and in the lack of a definite versioning scheme we're calling it for now "v0.08". Changelog is as follows:

  • Enabled the sprint button
  • Improvements to movement handling precision
  • Movement should now be compatible with mods that override movement, mods that do various actions with mouse clicks may still not work correctly
  • 1.6.4 added drop all items by pressing drop while the "sprint" button held. For some reason does not for 1.7.2
  • Sensitivity slider is a little better but still needs work
  • Fixed annoying issue on xbox gamepad where it was attacking when entering the game and sometimes breaking your stuff!
  • You may need to reset controls to default if things aren't working correctly
  • You will likely need to readjust the sensitivity slider
As usually, you can download versions for 1.6.4 and 1.7.2 at the Joypad mod page

петак, 21. фебруар 2014.

Joypad mod goes Forge

A lot of cool things happened since the last update. A new developer - eastsider98052 - has joined, and finished the Forge port that I started long time ago. Although he's new to Minecraft development, he managed to make a fully playable mod, and even included a virtual cursor, making it possible to navigate all menus and inventory screens! If you're eager to try it out, head to the Joypad Mod page here:

понедељак, 27. јануар 2014.