четвртак, 27. децембар 2012.

How to set up a perfect split screen for Minecraft on your PC

Today I wondered how to properly split the screen when playing Minecraft in split screen with the Joypad / Split Scren Mod. Before I got a second monitor I just used the Windows 7 snap docking functionality to split the screen evenly between two Minecraft windows, and nowadays I just run each window on a separate display. But this works only for the two players, and is kinda ugly since window borders are still being displayed:

Today I found a better solution - programs named WinSplit Revolution and WinExplorer.

среда, 26. децембар 2012.

Minecraft Joypad Mod 0.12.1

Minecraft forum user under the name "Maguin" noticed that the "shift click" functionality used to quickly transfer items between the containers is not working correctly in the 0.12, so I'm releasing the fix.

Changelog for version 0.12.1:
-[fix] fixed the "shift click" functionality

Thanks for noticing it!

Download the Joypad / SplitScreen mod

уторак, 25. децембар 2012.

A small milestone

I just visited my mediafire profile and noticed that Minecraft Joypad/Split screen mod has been downloaded over 22 thousand times since the beginning of the project. Thats a serious number. Huge thumbs up for all contributors and users without which the mod would not exist. You rock!

Introducing 1.4.6

Hi all,

I have updated my Joypad/Split Screen mod to the newest version of the Minecraft (1.4.6).

Changelog for version 0.12.0:

  • ported all bugs and features to Minecraft 1.4.6

There are no new features (that I know of), but I plan to fix some long standing issues in the future, as well as investigate some possible developments. For now, enjoy the new old Joypad Mod.

Get it here.

субота, 08. децембар 2012.

Playing backups on GameCube - making your own XenoGC

When faced with the problem of scratching discs one starts to seek the alternatives to wearing out once expensive GameCube games. One solution is making a backup copies of our games and playing (and inevitably scratching) them while the original ones sit safely on the shelf.
Creating and playing backups is not endorsed by Nintendo so we need to somehow fit our GameCube with the possibility to load copies on our own. Popular choices include SD Media Launcher as a non-intrusive solution or the variety of modchips which have to be soldered to the drive control board in order to operate. A few short years ago the XenoGC modchip was amongst the most used chips on the market due to it's low price, relatively easy installation and good compatibility. Unfortunately, nowadays it's quite rare to stumble upon an affordable and available modchip. It seems that the XenoGC authors have ended the production and the few units resellers still have in stock have reached the high price level. Thankfully the authors have also released the full sources of the XenoGC firmware, so with a bit of determination and right tools we can change a small, cheap heap of electronics into a working XenoGC modchip.

All you need now is a hammer