петак, 21. фебруар 2014.

Joypad mod goes Forge

A lot of cool things happened since the last update. A new developer - eastsider98052 - has joined, and finished the Forge port that I started long time ago. Although he's new to Minecraft development, he managed to make a fully playable mod, and even included a virtual cursor, making it possible to navigate all menus and inventory screens! If you're eager to try it out, head to the Joypad Mod page here:

The mod is compatible with 2 latest versions of Forge - 1.6.4 and 1.7.2. Unfortunately, there is no Forge for 1.7.4 yet.

Since this is a partial rewrite of the original mod, not everything is the same as before. Obviously, the mod should be now compatible with most Forge mods out there, given the same Minecraft version. Also, it features a new navigation scheme, using a virtual cursor controlled by analog stick. It allows the player to control all menus and GUI screens in game. Unfortunately, the old method - D-pad navigation - is not available in this version. It is planned for it to have a comeback in the future though, with improved compatibility.

This brings up one more important change - Joypad Mod has gone open source. Head to our github repository to browse the code, download the sources and compile the mod yourself.

Feel free to try it out and report the bugs. All help is appreciated, so if you find that some feature is missing and you feel like implementing it - don't hesitate. We will continue to work on the mod, but it can become so much better with your help.

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