недеља, 22. септембар 2013.

Fixing the controller ports on PS1

Just a quick note. Today I successfully fixed dead controller ports on one old Sony PlayStation model 5502 using this awesome guide:


Basically, as usually for this kinds of malfunctions the culprint is a blown fuse near the controller board.
To fix it either replace the 700mA SMD fuse or wire a glass one to the sides of the old one. It's an easy operation and can revive your old PS1 in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to Andrew J McCubbin for finding the cause and explaining his findings.

недеља, 15. септембар 2013.

Bugfix for the camera without window focus

Bugfix for the camera without window focus

I've released a small update for the Minecraft joypad mod which fixes an annoying bug with camera in windows without focus. Sorry for that one!

My thanks go to numerous people who notified me about the problem here in comments and through Minecraft forums. Thanks!