Minecraft Joypad/Split Screen Mod

Allows you to play Minecraft in Split-screen on a PC, and more

What is it?

A modification for the Minecraft PC game, allowing you to control the game with the USB controller.

Where can I read more about it?

Right here on this blog.

Why would I use it?

Besides the obvious benefit of playing the Minecraft with the controller, you can also use it to play split screen

How do I play split screen? 

You run the multiple instances of the game, each in it's own window. Joypad Mod supports focus-less input, so you can have as many windows as you want (or as many as your PC can handle). You arrange the windows around to your liking (multiple monitor setups recommended). All players connect to the same server (can be localhost). All of you have a great time.

Where do I get it?

Right here.

You can also build from source, available at the project's github page: https://github.com/ljsimin/MinecraftJoypadSplitscreenMod

What are the requirements?

  • A PC capable of running the 2xMinecraft
  • One keyboard and one mouse
  • One or more USB controllers
  • Multiple monitors recommended (but not required)

How does it look like?

Like this:

How many players can play on a single PC?

As many as your PC can handle. Depends also on your screen space. Playing in a tiny window is not fun. Big screens and multiple monitors really help though. Read about my window management ideas here.

Do I need two Minecraft.net accounts?

Depends. If you want to play online you need a separate account for each player. If you play locally you need only one account, other players can choose the option "Work offline" when starting the game.

Which version of Minecraft does it support?

Current version:
1.9 - here

1.8.9 - here

1.8 - here

1.7.10 - here

1.7.2 - here

Legacy versions:

1.8-Forge - here 

1.7.10-Forge - here

1.7.2-Forge - here 

1.6.4-Forge - here

1.6.2 - here

1.6.1 - here

1.5.2 - here

1.4.6 - here

1.3.2 - here

You can also download the oldest version, compatible with the 1.2.5

Is it compatible with mods?

Forge versions are compatible with Forge mods. Older versions are known to work with Modloader, if applied on the jar file after it. All future versions are planned to be Forge-compatible.

It's the same as joy2key/xpadder but worse!

While you can configure the Minecraft to be controlled with the gamepad using one of those programs, because of the way they work (imitating keyboard and mouse) you can send input only to focused windows, making the local multiplayer aspect impossible.

Do I need 2 controllers?

One player can use keyboard + mouse combination, others have to use a controller. Alternatively, all people can play with the controller. Mouse is only needed for connecting to the server. Mouse is not needed anymore, but you might need a keyboard to enter the address of a server if playing online.

Can I use multiple keyboard + mouse combos?


Does it support Xbox 360 controller?

Yes, it does. It'll even have the controls pre-configured (although not completely the same way as on Minecraft Xbox360 version)

Does it support/how to configure PS3/PS2 controller?

I don't know. Probably. Try it for yourself. In theory any USB controller with 4 axes and 8 buttons should work. You configure it by editing the options.txt file.
Some people reported success with the MotionJoy program.

Does it support controller X?

See above.

Can you make the controls like in Minecraft 360 Edition?

Until I fix the trigger problem - no.
Default controls should be quite similar to the ones on XBox 360. You can customize them through the menu screen.

It doesn't work.

Read the error message. And check you options.txt file. If you can't figure it out, ask on the official Joypad Mod thread on the Minecraft Forums:

115 коментара:

  1. Please update the mod for minecraft 1.3.1 and if you can, make creative inv working.

  2. Please update the mod for minecraft 1.3.1 / lan server ready !!

  3. I have a Xbox Controller and when I am ingame the Camera is moving without Im doing what. Why?
    Sry for my bad English, I come from Germany :D

    1. Well it may be a problem with your controller, not the mod. It probably needs its axis reset or something...

      ...I can't really help you much though, I don't use XBox nor am I German, Meaning I can't really tell what these buttons are saying.

    2. Try to increase the deadzones by opening the file named "options.txt" located besides your screenshot directory. Then you find the lines containing the the word "axis". Like for example:

      Deadzone is the last value. Change it to somting higer, like 0.15 or 0.25 and save the file. Start the Minecraft and see if it's better now.

    3. do an update that you can use an xbox
      360 please

  4. gostaria de saber se à uma posibilidade de jogar com joyped split screen minecraft mo creature, pois quando tento instalar o forge e modiload meu minecraft fica falhando

  5. Please update the mod for minecraft 1.4.2!!!!!!!!!!
    I need it PLSSSSSSS!!!!

  6. Please update the mod for minecraft 1.4.2!!!!
    I need it!!!
    Werry Important!!!
    Ill do anything just update it pls!!

  7. please update to 1.4.5 IT REALLY NEEDS FOR ME!!!

  8. Any luck overcoming the trigger issue with jinput? Very few solutions available anywhere for java + triggers built into an app.

    1. Yeah, the latest version of the mod (for MC 1.3.2, unfortunately) includes the support for triggers. http://retro-hack.blogspot.com/2012/09/minecraft-joypad-mod-v0113.html
      The problem was not using triggers themself, but abstracting different input methods (buttons, axes, povs) so code can work on device without some of them.
      Now you can run MC + joypad mod on purely digital gamepad, or assign "button" actions to axes/triggers.

      On a side note I need to port everything to the newest version of Minecraft. 1.4.6 probably.

    2. Next thing I'd like to investigate jinput + rumble/force feedback. I think it would be cool.

  9. And allso make it compabitle with minecraft forge pls

  10. I did a reviev on your mod at here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho52uOk0HmU&feature=youtu.be

    Hope you like it :D

  11. There's a neat way you can make the splitscreen better. To ensure all settings save correctly, and that no conflicts occur you will need minecraft installed TWICE. To do so all you have to do is paste this in a text file:

    set appdata="[second minecraft address goes here]"

    minecraft.exe (or jar)

    then save it next to your launcher as something.BAT

    run it and install your second minecraft copy. Now you won't need to redefine controls over and over again and both instances can play singleplayer without any conflicts.

    If you want to give me credit for this, nickname's Rage Inducer. Also thank you for this neat mod. All it needs is this small tweak to work perfectly.

    1. Hi RI,

      I'm glad you like my mod.
      I'm not sure I have understood your method though. I already provide a .bat file for a second copy of Minecraft, in the download package.

  12. Can you ad mod support because i want to use mods and play on one pc with friend ( BTW great mod!)
    but when i start minecraft it crashes so can you fix that? Thanks!

  13. Pls Do us all A favour and MAKE IT TO WORK WITH FORGE!
    Your Mod Will Blow up The forum!
    SO DO IT!

  14. Might i suggest to add Force Feedback function so I can fully use my joypad

  15. Анониман15. март 2013. 08.29

    Please Add The Forge! And update to 1.5

  16. Please update to 1.5.1

  17. 1.5.1 and add the mineforge

  18. Please update to minecraft 1.5.2
    i would be very grateful
    Thx (:

  19. Анониман07. јул 2013. 20.37

    If you keep it update I would happily buy this I love using the xbox 360 controller when playing PC games

  20. Анониман07. јул 2013. 20.38

    If you keep it update I would happily buy this I love using the xbox 360 controller when playing PC games

  21. can you make a tuto to install this mod with 1.6.2 version? it'll be simple if it works with forge...

  22. can you make a tuto to install this mod with 1.6.2 version? it'll be simple if it works with forge...

  23. yes a tutorial to install the 1.6.2, I cant get it to work :(

  24. i think that it is safe to say that we are all thankful for u updating this mod

  25. can you make it possible to work with 2 mice 2 keyboards...i was thinking of using TeamPlayer. Joy-pads just suck for looking around and crafting but i guess if you could just use a mouse for crafting and joy-pad for in game, that would be alright.

  26. out of curiosity, how does this mod work? either the page isn't updated, or you said that the triggers would not work because of them being internally represented as an axis. However, in your screenshots, you have the triggers as configurable buttons. Please either update the page or change the terminology, to not confuse people like me. This mod is probably one of the best mods to come to minecraft for a long time, by the way. It looks like it took a lot more time and effort than the other controlling modifications.
    Thank you so much!!!
    p.s: Could you please paste the code somewhere?

    1. Crap, you are right, that part is outdated. At one point I rewrote the handling of the input so now any input should work for any actions, even combinations like buttons/d-pad for camera and analog inputs (hubs/triggers) for jumping and attacking.

      I'll release the code when I figure out the proper way to avoid copyright infigiment, considering that even simple diffs contain surrounding code, and having a single code dump for a single version of MC is not that handy. I'd prefer a more robust solution.
      Anyway, if any developer is interested in the code and my insights along the way, just give me a poke, I'd be glad to help.

  27. Attention! to install the mod in version 1.6.2 have to follow these steps:

    1-Unzip the file. Rar
    2-Log in C: \ Users \ AppData \ Roaming \. Minecraft \ versions/1.6.2
    3-change the name of the file. Joypad jar to 1.6.2 mod, rename the file. Json to 1.6.2 mod joypad,
    open the file. json with block of notes, and inside that says "id": "1.6.2" and change it to "id": "1.6.2 mod joypad"
    4-Open file with winrar 1.6.2 mod.jar joypad
    5-delete META-INF folder
    6-open the unzipped folder and enter MOD JOYPAD v0.15.1.zip \ JOYPAD MOD v0.15.1 \ minecraft
    7-drag the minecraft folder files to the file opened with winrar 1.6.2 joypad mod.jar
    8-now playing
    9-between the launcher and check if the mod joypad vercion 1.6.2 and now if playing

    please comment and check my news page: https://www.facebook.com/ #! / minenoticias

  28. ¡Atención! para instalar el mod en la version 1.6.2 tiene que seguir estos pasos:

    1-Descomprimir el archivo .rar
    2-Entrar en C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\versions/1.6.2
    3-cambiarle el nombre a el archivo .jar a 1.6.2 joypad mod, cambiarle el nombre al archivo .json a 1.6.2 joypad mod,
    abrir el archivo .json con block de notas, y adentro donde dice "id": "1.6.2" y cambiarlo a "id": "1.6.2 joypad mod"
    4-Abrir el archivo 1.6.2 joypad mod.jar con winrar
    5-borrar la carpeta META-INF
    6-abrir la carpeta descomprimida y entrar JOYPAD MOD v0.15.1.zip\JOYPAD MOD v0.15.1\minecraft
    7-arrastre los archivos de la carpeta minecraft al archivo que abrio con winrar 1.6.2 joypad mod.jar
    8-ahora a jugar
    9-entre al launcher y revise si esta en la vercion 1.6.2 joypad mod y ahora si a jugar

    comenten porfavor y revisen mi página de noticias: https://www.facebook.com/#!/minenoticias

  29. my favorite mod. update to 1.7.2 pls I freacking need it!

  30. update to 1.7.2. add optifine support too.. and refine some things like where the picked up item in inventory shows up. PLEASEEEEE

  31. 1.7.4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. quando vai lança pra 1.7 ????

  33. I love your mod, Update to 1.7.4 please?
    Волим your мод, Упдате на 1.7.4 молим?

  34. i noticed something about the newer versions, they dont come packaged with the run.bat to make a portable mc installation

    1. That is true, but the new launcher kinda makes portable copies obsolete due thanks to profiles.

  35. Анониман24. март 2014. 20.25

    update 1.7.2 work perfect with forge. very useful. do you mind adding a better control of the camera? when a move the camera around it's all just one quick movement. i'm struggling trying to press a button. if i tease it a little the camera doesn't move but if i push it further it becomes crazy. could you help us with that?

    1. Try lowering the camera sensitivity in options. What OS and controller model are you using?

    2. Анониман25. март 2014. 13.10

      yeah the sensitivity reseted. strange...looking forward to 1.7.4 :))

  36. I know you have been working on ALL these wonderful mods and I am very glad. Do you have an ETA for it to work with 1.7.9? My friends server is up and it requires the newest version. Thank for your hard work.

    1. Unfortunately not until Forge is updated to 1.7.7+
      With the current state of Minecraft client, I presume we'll be waiting for 1.8 :(

    2. Now that 1.7.10 is the final 1.7 release and Forge is stable for 1.7.10, do you plan to update? Mojang has said that 1.8 is a ways away, and has so many changes that modders will likely be on 1.7.10 for a long time.

  37. http://retro-hack.blogspot.com/p/minecraft-joypad-mod.html

  38. on the PS2 controller I go wrong side of the camera (above is left) (left is down) (down is right) (right is up) you know how to fix it? according lei in options.txt forum is changing; but I do not understand how to fix it. plz help

  39. while using ur setup the launcher works i just can never reach minecraft

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  41. Hi!
    I like your mod, I play it in 1.7.2 and 1.7.10, but I want to play a server in 1.8 with the joystick, can you update??

  42. Анониман06. јун 2015. 17.02

    Muchas gracias por su esfuerzo, sigan así y llegaran lejos.

  43. I have Windows 10, but this mod doesn't detect my joystick. It does show up in the windows control panel, I can calibrate, test it etc but when I run the mod, and go to the "Controls..." menu, at the top it says "Joypad Mod - controls - Press space to toggle controller - no controllers found!".

  44. I have Windows 10, but this mod doesn't detect my joystick. It does show up in the windows control panel, I can calibrate, test it etc but when I run the mod, and go to the "Controls..." menu, at the top it says "Joypad Mod - controls - Press space to toggle controller - no controllers found!".

  45. this does not download when i click the download here link.....it will redirect me on the site when i click downoad...it downloads but does not open....please do something

    1. Are you downloading through Chrome? Chrome has a built-in filter against jar files and you need to confirm that you want to keep it. http://lifehacker.com/5703462/disable-the-this-type-of-file-can-harm-your-computer-message-in-chrome

    2. i click on keep ut it still does not open

  46. Одговори
    1. It works only on 1.8.0 but you can still play on 1.8.8 servers.

  47. we need support for 1.8.9 i really need this i have wrist issues when gaming
    thank you for listening to my plea of help

  48. we need support for 1.8.9 it crashes when trying edit the controls

    1. Version compatible with 1.8.9 is now available for download.

  49. Can I suggest an implementation of actual split screen integrated into the actual mod? So you wouldn't have to screw around with windows and other 3rd party tools, and it would easily work on Linux, Mac, Windows, or otherwise. Your mod is the best option PC players have for local multiplayer via split screen, but it's still nowhere near as simple and elegant as what the console editions provide.

  50. Can I suggest an implementation of actual split screen integrated into the actual mod? So you wouldn't have to screw around with windows and other 3rd party tools, and it would easily work on Linux, Mac, Windows, or otherwise. Your mod is the best option PC players have for local multiplayer via split screen, but it's still nowhere near as simple and elegant as what the console editions provide.

  51. 1.9 pleaase. This is the most essential mod of minecraft

  52. 1.9 pleeease. This is the most essential mod for minecraft.

    Thank you

  53. Der Creator can you please update your mod to 1.9 it would be very nice

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  55. Thanxxx for the super mod, mate. Is there a way to reconnect a Controller that has switched off, mid game, without restarting minecraft all over please??

    1. Not for now, as it's the limitation of undrlying library: https://github.com/ljsimin/MinecraftJoypadSplitscreenMod/issues/28

  56. Its not on the official page yet but here is the link to 1.9 update

  57. i like this mod and cant wait till the mod is updated for 1.9