понедељак, 24. март 2014.

Joypad/Split Screen mod for Forge - v0.0952

It's time for new round of improvements for Joypad Mod for Forge. New version 0.0952 contains a lot of improvements that should make using controller much more enjoyable. Here's the full changelog:

  • Map any key to a joypad button - great for mods!
  • Axis calibration menu - no more spinning in circles!
  • New and improved controller button options menu
  • Container scrolling up/down via buttons
  • Improved sensitivity options in menu
  • Allow choosing of any connected controller even if it doesn't meet input requirements
  • All joypad input will go through the keyboard / mouse buffer for full compatibility with mods
  • Lots of minor tweaks for a better in game experience
  • .minecraft\config\JoypadSplitscreenMod.cfg updates:
  • Make logging verbosity an option
  • Share joypad settings across all users (thanks stcrowe!)
As always, you can get the newest version from the mod page.

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  1. Одговори
    1. It works with every controller that is recognized in Windows Control Panel (Win + R > joy.cpl)

      I don't have a PS3 controller but I've heard that you need MotionJoy program in order to get it to work.

      From what I know, DualShock 4 with official drivers should work out of the box.