субота, 12. мај 2012.

Minecraft Joypad Mod Installation Instructions Video

Minecraftforum.net's user with a nickname Linus371 created an instructional video for installing the Joypad Mod, and running the game in 2-player splitscreen. Thanks!

Minecraft Joypad Mod v0.9


I've released an update to the Minecraft Joypad Mod. Here's the changelog:

[add] added fully analog movement
[fix] fixed sneaking at walk speed (oops)
[fix] fixed OutOfBounds exception when using a joypad with less than 4 axes
[fix] fixed large chest navigation (you can reach all items now)
[fix] improved navigation in dispenser and brewing stand (you can't exit the boudaries anymore)
[fix] tweaked navigation in other screens (mostly wrapping in corner cases)

среда, 09. мај 2012.

Minecraft Joypad Mod v0.8

Hi all,

Just a quick update from my side. Based on the feedback I've received so far, I released the new version of the Joypad Mod. It has some improvements and a bit of new features:

понедељак, 07. мај 2012.

Playing Minecraft in split screen on PC and other funny stories

A few weeks ago I felt a sudden urge to play some Minecraft with my brother. We both have accounts on minecraft.net, but my PC is the only one in our household capable of running it smoothly. Besides, we prefer the same-room multiplayer, preferably hot-seat (like in Worms) or split screen (so many hours lost on Left 4 Dead), so regular Minecraft multiplayer was out of the question.

I started looking into available options. Minecraft didn't have a split screen option, unlike the upcoming XBox 360 version. Searching for mods that added the functionality revealed no results. Then I remembered of a method of playing another game, Borderlands, in semi-splitscreen. It was based on running two instances of a game in a window, and connecting to each other in LAN. Add a bunch of scripts, boarder-less (no pun intended) windows, and you have yourself a playable game.

So, if I could run and control two instances of Minecraft, after connecting to the same server I would have some real world, first class, same room multiplayer fun. I could even connect a second monitor and play it really comfortably.

The quest was on finding a way to control both instances separately. Minecraft didn't support joypad input, and I haven't found a mod that does that neither. Other possible solutions included programs like Joy2Key and xpadder to map the joypad buttons and axes into keyboard and mouse input. But doing so would not resolve the problem because only one window can receive keyboard and mouse input at a time, and having two windows open, only one would be focused. Having found no available solution to the problem, I decided to try and develop one myself.