недеља, 14. април 2013.

Converting PSP save file to Xperia Play

I've created a very simple tool for converting PSX memory card images from PSP to Xperia Play. If you have been playing PSX games on your PSP and want to continue on Xperia Play you're welcome to use it :)

That is NOT the actual screenshot of the tool. It's the hex editor showing the PSP save file.

Long story short, I wanted to carry over some saves from PSP to Xperia Play. Both devices use some kind of PSX memory card image files, so I hoped simply copying them over would work. Unfortunately that is not the case. A quick glance at the hex editor revealed that the files are actually similar, but the PSP one contains 128 byte long header. Simply stripping it with dd resulted in a working Xperia Play save, so I have thrown together a quick batch file to ease up the process. You can get it here:

Download psp2xperia

It's very simple really. Just drag and drop your PSP save file over the psp2xperia.bat and you'll get the Xperia Play save. Copy it to your phone and try running the game.

In the package you'll also find the batch file for adding the header back, so you can in theory make the PSP save from the Xperia Play one, but I'm not sure if the header is supposed to be always the same, and haven't really tested it. Let me know if it works.


And yes, I will be releasing the Joypad Mod for Minecraft 1.5.x, somewhere in the future ;). Thanks for the support!

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